I am pleased to introduce our company, Futura Workwear Safety and Technology Inc., which has been in the workwear and uniform business for the past 20 years. Through our vast experience serving the Canadian government and municipalities, we provide all types of uniforms and workwear to meet your needs. In addition, we offer professional embroidery and silk screening services and we are happy to accommodate custom designs at our professional graphic and design studio.

Futura Workwear offers a variety of options from high visibility safety workwear that meet and exceed safety standards to stylish and durable uniforms that convey professionalism and your commitment to your customers. We have also worked with several private companies and we created a specialized website designed to organize and streamline the order process for employees.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your business-related uniform and workwear needs or inquiries. Futura Workwear would be pleased to assist with merchandizing and promotions for your company. We offer competitive quotes to our customers and would be happy to make an appointment with you to showcase our products and services.

We are eager to offer our services to you. We look forward to a successful business relationship.

Futura Workwear Safety and Technology Inc.


F U T U R A  W O R K W E A R  A N D   S A F E T Y