F U T U R A  W O R K W E A R  A N D   S A F E T Y

Silk screen printing is a printing technique that is common in advertising and implements silk cloths over a wooden frame. The drawing is applied directly on plastic laminated paper (aka film) with water-diluted pigments. Once the drawing is complete, the silk screen engraving is applied to silk cloths which are spread over a wooden frame. The frame will have been sprinkled with a photosensitive gelatin before it receives the design. The design is then superimposed on the film and exposed to a strong beam of light. This will cause the gelatin to dry out and a drawing will be established from the dark areas that are not exposed. The design on the garment will be waterproof once the print is dried. Although copies are monochrome, many arrays can be added, and the same sheet will be printed multiple times to increase the amount of colours. 

Embroidery is the process of creating decorative designs in fabric with a needle and thread. This can be achieved by hand or with an embroidery machine which implements a computer program. A wide variety of colours and designs can be applied to the fabric for the purpose of adding a logo, monogram or decoration. 

Sublimation, also known as dye-sub or dye sublimation printing, is a process where sublimation dyes are printed/transferred onto clothing with a specially prepared inkjet printer. The dyes are then transferred to the garment with a commercial heat press which applies both heat and pressure. During this process, the dye sublimates and is absorbed into the garment. The resulting design does not have any texture or additional weight and the print will become a part of the garment. Further, it is resistant to fading and wear. Please note that the sublimation process only works on clothing made of polyester.
A vinyl cutter is a computer controlled machine that moves a sharp blade across a thin self-adhesive sheet of vinyl to cut out shapes and letters. The vinyl can be stuck to almost any surface including clothing and it comes in a variety of colours.​